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Motorcycle Training for all abilities, conducted on the best facility in Norfolk. Don't train in a car park surrounded by fences, enjoy the space of the track.

Important, please read the news item on the right of the page to understand the changes to the motorcycle licence regulations that came into force on the 19th of January 2013.For the latest photos and reviews from pupils who have recently passed their tests, follow the link to our Facebook page.


Anglia Training Services offer a variety of courses, conducted in a friendly manner that makes your training feel more like a day out rather than a task.

Whereas most training centres are based in car parks or industrial spaces, schools and playing areas, Anglia Training is different. We are located at a permanent site with a large 625 metre circuit, boasting corners, straights and safe grass sidings (handy for those still a little sketchy on the controls). Unlike other training areas, you will have plenty of space from other riders and the opportunity to get the bike up to speed as and when you are ready.

All of this means that even before you get out on the road, you feel experienced at dealing with your motorcycle in a 'real' environment.

Whatever your current level of experience, and your future riding targets, please feel free to give us a call to find out more about how we can help you progress.

Tel: 07917 863831. 0800 9554383 or 01760 440640 at any time, if it goes to answer phone, please leave a message and we will return your call but please be patient, in busy times, it may be in the evening. Alternatively, email us at info@anglia-training.co.uk

The track, set in the heart of beautiful Norfok countryside.


So whether you want a moped, or a sports bike, we will have a course that allows you to fulfil your dreams and enjoy the freedom of two wheels.

A group of pupils on CBT get shown the controls before moving off for the first time around the track.

 It's always nice to see what ex-puplis have bought after passing the test and when Lois, pictured above on her ER6f passed hers, her facebook status read,

"Today I passed the last part of my Motorbike test!! Yeeeeaaah Boooyyeeee!! Cant wait to go bike shopping:P And it's thanks to the best instructor in the world....

Thank you Andy Peck You're super cool!!-- feeling awesome."  Ha ha, thanks Lois, who am I to argue!!   

                                                                       Andy on his winter "pipe and slipper bike" maybe not so cool!


The New 600's for the A Licence

Get rid of those L's


Latest News.....

Everything changed on the 19th of January 2013 so please read the details below. 

Motorcycle licence requirements from 19th January 2013 Please don't hesitate to ring if you have any questions.

Before any training you must have a provisional UK Licence, then the first step is to take your Compulsory Basic Training. (CBT)

On completion of your CBT, at 16 you can ride a moped up to 49cc, either Automatic or Geared and at age 17 and above you can ride a 125cc bike. If in 2 years time you havent gone onto further training and passed a Motorcycle test to obtain your full icence, you will need to re-take the CBT. Riding on a CBT you must display L plates and you can not carry a pillion passenger.

To obtain your full motorcycle licence you MUST pass a motorcycle theory test and then a practical test.
Law MV(DL)R regs 16 & 68

 A1 motorcycle licence: At age 17 or over, you take a test on a motorcycle without sidecar of between 120 and 125 cc. If you pass you may ride a motorcycle up to 125 cc with power output up to 11 kW, or a motor tricycle with power not exceeding 15 kW.

A2 motorcycle licence: At age 19 or over, you take a test on a motorcycle without sidecar of at least 395 cc with a power output of at least 25 kW but not exceeding 35 kW. If you pass, you may ride any motorcycle not exceeding 35 kW and with a power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.2 kW/kg.

Full A motorcycle licence: Test taken on a motorcycle without sidecar, of at least 595 cc and an engine power of at least 40 kW. This gives you full access to all motorcycles and motor tricycles. You obtain a category A licence by taking progressive access from age 21, or under the direct access scheme from age 24.

Category A under progressive access: You can take a category A practical test at age 21 if you already have an A2 licence that you’ve held for a minimum of two years. You don’t need to take another theory test or hold a CBT certificate.

 Category A under direct access: This is for riders aged 24 or over. To obtain a category A licence you must
successfully complete a CBT course
pass the motorcycle theory test
pass the practical motorcycle test.

Passing the practical test on a motorcycle of at least 40 kW (53.6bhp) gives immediate access to all sizes of motorcycle.

You MUST NOT carry a pillion passenger or pull a trailer until you have passed your test. Also see Rule 253 covering vehicles prohibited from motorways.
Law MV(DL)R reg 16

It was April 2009 when the 2 part, Mod 1 and Mod 2 Test was introduced and this has'nt changed. With plenty of experience behind us we have an excellent pass rate and our best run on the Mod 1 test is 55 first time passes on the trot. Well done to all pupils and especially Jody who made it 50 out of 50. Just for good measure he went on to pass his Mod 2 test in the afternoon and he is pictured here with both of his certificates.

 There is no doubt that the hardest part of the Mod 1 test is achieving the correct speed for the higher speed manoeuvres and you only get 2 chances to get it right. We train for this on the safety of the track and can record your speed by radar, so you will be well prepared for the requirements of Module 1.

A pupil coming through the swerve manoeuvre at 54kmph, to watch the video go to www.youtube.com/watch

The Module 2 Test, involves a 35 minute ride around the test centre area, where we spend plenty of time training before your test.

 Alex and Charlie were our first 2 pupils to take the new test and they passed both modules first time with flying colours. They both felt well prepared for the Mod 1 after the time we spent on the track. Well done to them both, it was nice to get off to a good start.

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Thank you Andy for your help and support for Ben during his lesson and test. The outcome was very successful just “2 minors!” and Ben felt that you gave him the extra confidence boost he needed. You were recommended to us and we will certainly do the same. Thank you again Rita. 


To Andy, thank you for being an inspiration and a great instructor. Mark 


Andy, thank you so much for all your help and support and patience whilst training me especially with them blooming U-turns but I got there in the end. Your faith in me helped me to pass my test 1st time, thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy riding Stacie 
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